#3. Arnica Montana - Mountain Arnica, Leopard's bane
Wednesday, 14 January 2009 03:17

#3. Arnica Montana - Mountain Arnica, Leopard's bane

Arnica Montana was once used by people living in the mountainous areasof Europe, where it grows in abundance.  It was often used byshepherds to relieve sore, aching muscles as a result of tending largeflocks in those mountainous regions.

Arnica is the remedy for any type of accident, shock, injury orphysical exhaustion.  Take immediately following an accidentor physical strain.  Arnica is particularly useful when thereis a pooling of blood, so use following any contusion, sprain orsurgery where there is bruising or a bruised feeling.

Mentally, patients may have a fear of being touched, or claim to befine when they are not.  It is also used to heal chronicailments which occurred after an injury (never well since the problemoccurred).  

Useful for concussions, where patient is slipping in and out ofconsciousness, and whenever the injured person claims s/he is fine whenit is obvious that is not the case.  

Following injury, use immediately and again every 10 minutes (2-3times), then space out doses as swelling and pain subsides, max. 6-8doses.

Notes from John:
I remember my first day on the TV series “Pit Pony,” which was shot inSydney, Nova Scotia.   Our hair stylist, PauletteCable, had a wrap-around brace on her lower arm.  It had beenthere for weeks and she told me it was painful: a carpel tunnel-likeproblem.  I gave her both Arnica globules and liberalapplications of Arnica cream and within 2 weeks she was no longerwearing the brace.  We laugh about it now,  but atthe time it was like a miracle.  

I went to Milwaukee to film the exteriors for a TV Movie that starredCharles Bronson.  I was over 60, had not been on a film setfor six months and was in bad physical shape.  My leg muscleswere painfully sore after the first day of shooting: the day was 12hours long and we filmed in several locations, including the mainairport and a highway overpass.   I could hardlymanage the stairs up to the hotel.  I took three doses ofArnica globules within a half hour, slathered my aching muscles withArnica cream and went to bed, exhausted.  
I woke in the morning feeling surprisingly rested and not reallysore.  By noon I was sore again, so I took an Arnica globuleevery hour or so.  That night, I took a globule and put someArnica cream on again.  The best part of the experience wasthat after one more night of treatment I was no longer sore or usingArnica. 

Elizabeth Guildford, our intrepid Production Manager on "Virginia’sRun," broke her baby finger closing a van door.  Tromos,Arnica globules and Arnica cream made the pain manageable and there waslittle bruising and soreness after the splint was applied at thehospital. 

When I work in the studio, I find the concrete floor makes my feet soreand late in the day, my lower back will start to ache.  I takea globule of Arnica and it never fails to rectify the situation. 

Whenever I am physically tired, on set or in the morning, I take oneglobule and soon my weariness is forgotten, and I am able to do my job.
Everyperson I help with Arnica,  once they use it either in globuleor cream form, they praise its worth.