#2. Aconitum - common aconite, monkshood, wolfsban
Wednesday, 14 January 2009 03:16

#2. Aconitum - common aconite, monkshood, wolfsbane

This plant was known to the ancient Greeks and often used, in crudeform, as a poison.  It is said that hunters in the Alps dippedtheir arrows in the juice of  the plant before hunting wolves,thus leading to the common name, Wolfs- bane.

Aconite has a very important place in every homeopathic kit, for boththe professional and layperson, as it can relieve so many ailmentsarising from acute or emergency situations.  Use Aconite atthe first sign or early stage of a cold, cough, fever or any type ofinflammation (e.g. tonsillitis, ear infection, acute arthritis, injuryto the eye).  Good first-stage croup remedy.  Usefulfor complaints which come on suddenly and rapidly, or any complaintscaused by a chill, cold wind, fright orshock.    Skin may be hot and dry, patientvery thirsty for cold drinks.  Symptoms can manifestor  worsen in the evening or around midnight.

It is a key children’s remedy, as complaints are often sudden andintense, with anxiety which clearly describes the portrait of thisremedy.  

For acute panic or anxiety attacks which come on suddenly, especiallyfollowing a fright or shock.  Complaints are usuallyaccompanied by an extreme fear of death, or with restlessness and ageneral fearful state.  Can also be used for chronic ailments,which appear after a fright or shock (the feeling of "never well sincea fright or shock").  Can be used for any situation wherethere is a fear of death or panic.  Useful during childbirth,where the mother is panicking and the labour comes on too fast.

Use immediately after a violent or frightening event - such as anaccident, earthquake, or injury - for either a fearful state or extremepain.  
Take 1 dose every 15 mins. for 1 hour, then every hour if needed. 
Max. 8 doses.  Follow with Arnica (4) for general bruisingsymptoms.   

Notes from John:

I once made a little film called "TheFrog Pond," which was based on a childhood memory of a summeradventure.  Alex House played the lead. He was 9 years old atthe time and a great kid.  One day, my assistants came runningto tell me that Alex was ill.  I in turn ran to his mother whotold me that Alex said he was catching a cold.  He looked illand had no energy.  She allowed me to give him a pill ofAconite and within 5 minutes he was playing again and seemed in goodspirits.  His cure was so quick that I often wonder if he wasputting me on in the first place.

Aconite is a spectacularremedy that works miracles at stopping colds, if taken earlyenough.  I do not get colds because, at the first chill orsneeze, I take the remedy.  (My mentor in homeopathy actuallydoes not advocate this - she doesn’t think it’s a bad thing to get acold but when working the hours we do, I think it is best to be well.)

In thefall of 2003, I spent too much time in a frigid  rivershooting a little comedy about a fisherman who gets caught by afish.  I started to shiver and feel chilled after about anhour of being in the water.  My assistant brought me my kit,and one globule of Aconite did the trick.

I have used Aconitewhenever there seems to be a quick change in a person’s condition,either physical and/or mental.  I use it when someone iscoming down with something very fast, like a rise in temperature, asudden feeling of fear, or after a sudden shock.