#5. Nux Vomica - poison nut
Wednesday, 14 January 2009 03:33

#5.  Nux Vomica - poison nut

Nux Vomica, the original source of strychnine, was used commonly andvery carefully as a medicine in former times.  As ahomeopathic medicine, it is very safe, as the toxic effects of theplant have been removed, and only the healing qualitiesremain.  

People who benefit most from Nux Vomica, are those "type A”personalities who work hard and play hard.  This behaviouroften leads to exhaustion and weakness, thereby resulting in a varietyof ailments, especially gastro-intestinaldisorders.   Similarly, people who find themselves ina temporary situation of  working long hours without adequaterest or food may also be helped by this remedy.

Nux Vomica is useful for acute or chronic cases of overindulgence,whether it be from alcohol, tobacco, drugs, rich food orcoffee.  This remedy helps to relieve symptoms of the “commonhang-over”.  Also good for headaches and migraines, which tendto be worse from stimulation (noise, light, or mental activity),regardless of cause.

Many of the symptoms focus on digestive complaints, with accompanyingabdominal spasms or cramps.  It helps in cases of constipationwith constant urging, but passing small amounts of stool. Useful for peptic ulcers, nausea and vomiting, stomach cramps, or acutecolic.  Many of these symptoms will be worse from anger andbetter from warm applications and drinks.   Usually,the person will feel better after vomiting.

It can also be used for acute flus, with high fever and chills, whereperson feels irritable, and worse from the slightest draft.

In general, a person needing this remedy (acutely or chronically) isusually chilly, and feels tense, irritable and over-sensitive (toothers or to the environment).    Betterfrom warmth and warm drinks. The person is usually worse in themorning, or at night in bed.  For example, insomnia withwaking at 3 or 4 with thoughts of work.

For hangovers or overindulgence, take one globule before going to bed,then as needed.   For other complaints, take every3-4 hours, max 4 doses, or as needed. 

Notes from John:
I first recognized Nux Vomica’s ability when it helped MariellePoupelin, the Assistant Production Manager on "To walk withLions."  As the liaison between the African and Canadianfilming offices, she was hopelessly overworked and began to suffer fromheadaches that she described as feeling like a hangover. I gave her NuxVomica, which eased her headache in a few minutes, and soon she washard at work again, but without the headache.   Sheonly took the remedy once more, and didn’t get another headache for therest of the production, although her work never eased up.
Tim Southam, who directed "The Bay of Love and Sorrows" in NewBrunswick, used Nux Vomica successfully when he felt overtired frommental work; and, although he was very tired, he could not get tosleep.   He took the remedy about a half-hour beforebed and woke feeling rested and refreshed.  He also usedCoffea occasionally when he couldn’t sleep due to the inability to turnoff his thoughts at bedtime.

Michelle Williams once starred in two films at the same time: "A Hole in One" in Halifax, N.S. and  "Dawson Creek" in NorthCarolina. She worked all week and travelled on her days off. After a few weeks, she was understandably mentally exhausted from theeffort. She tried Nux Vomica  to help her settle down, andthen used it whenever she flew back to us from NorthCarolina.  When she was extremely tired she would take aglobule of Arnica which seemed to help her find the energy to keepgoing.

Alexa Vogel, the wonderful producer of "A Hole in One," used Nux Vomicain the mornings whenever her work entailed long days, consumingproblems, and insufficient sleep.  It helped her to focus herenergies, and I believe the remedy has become part of her own littlehomeopathy kit.